Navigating Cancer 2017 - Present
Healthcare Data Scientist
Worked with engineering, sales and product on over 200 data projects and investigations leading to a 20% increase in product reach.

University of Washington Medical School 2016 - 2017
Postdoctoral Fellow
Project management, experimental design, data capture, data analysis,  grant and publication writing.

Coulter Translational Research Partnership 2015 - 2016
Market Analyst and Team Manager
Team coaching, market analytics, due diligence and budget tracking

CoMotion 2014 - 2015
Technology Licensing Fellow  
Researched intellectual property, market and competition for technologies developed at UW


Computer & IT SKILLS 

Intermediate: Python, Pandas, NumPy, SQL
Novice: Basic, C++, Matlab and HTML 

Tableau, MS suite, UCSC Genome Browser, Ensembl, MGI Database, NCBI suite, SHIELD, CLC suite, CodonCode, Serial Cloner, Gimp, Prism, etc. 

Operating Systems
Windows, Mac OS and Linux(Kubuntu)



Data Science Certificate 2016
Seattle, WA
General Assembly

Doctorate of Philosophy 2015
Seattle, WA
School of Medicine
University of Washington    

Business Certificate 2015
Technology & Entrpreneurship
Seattle, WA
Foster School of Business
University of Washington                                                 

Bachelor of Science 2010
Biochemistry/Environmental Science
Ann Arbor, MI
College of Literature, Science and the Arts
University of Michigan



UW Postdoctoral Researcher 2016 - present
Postdoctoral Fellowship
Auditory neuroscience and non-coding RNA

UW Research Associate 2010 - 2015
Graduate Research in Pharmacology
Molecular biology and genetics of hearing loss  

UW Research Rotations  2010 - 2011
Rotations in Pharmacology
ALS and Huntington's disease  

The National Sanitation Foundation International 2008 - 2010
Microbiology Internship
Assay development and independent research with Cytochrome p450s



Minich, R.R., Watson C.J., Tempel B.L (Manuscript) Long Non-coding RNAs Contribute to Age Related Hearing Loss in the C57Bl/6J Inbred Mouse Strain.
Minich, R.R., Li, J., Tempel, B.L (Submitted) EGR1 Binds to and Activates the α-Atp2b2 Promoter, the Main Transcript of the Outer Hair Cells.     

Watson C.J., Lies S.M., Minich, R.R., Tempel B.L (2014) Changes in cochlear PMCA2 expression correlate with maturation of auditory sensitivity. JARO 15:543-553. PMID: 24799196.