#tbt to that one time some Thai elephants stole a snack!

Elephants are sneaky for such big animals. That white bag in front of the mahout was swiftly lifted from the feed truck (not shown) and the watermelon smash began! The elephants were so excited, they definitely knew they'd gotten away with something. I'm not sure they actually got to EAT any of the watermelons but they sure enjoyed making watermelon juice out of them! This was taken at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand - April 2016 

December is here!

I've been back in the united states for five months today! It is absolutely astonishing how fast the last few months have gone. I am working hard to hone my skills and patiently awaiting my next adventure. In lieu of that here is a #tbt to my adventures in India. The India gate in New Delhi was beautiful and the merchants constantly harassing me made for good subjects.